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Alexander Skogberg

UX, Web & Writing

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This is the work I’ve been apart of that I’m most proud of. It includes a health company’s customer portal, a famous rock band’s website, a version of Facebook for people with deaf-blindness and a multimedia management app for hospital staff.

Customer portal for health company Feelgood

Feelgood portal viewed a large and small screen
In 2017, Swedish health company Feelgood set out to combine their web-based systems into a single portal for their clients. I was the only designer in a small multidisciplinary team where I was fully responsible for interaction design, usability testing and graphic design. The portal was released in November, 2017 to great feedback. I’m currently working with Feelgood for improving the portal throughout 2019.

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Website for rock band Backyard Babies

The Backyard Babies website on both wide and small screens.
In 2015, legendary Swedish rock band Backyard Babies made their comeback after a five year hiatus. Their online presence had deteriorated and they needed guidance. For helping them market their new album and tour I designed and developed a fast and responsive website. It increased their visibility in Google searches and gave fans, journalist and event organisers information they wanted and needed.

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Facebook for people with deaf-blindness

In 2013, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority set out to make an accessible interpretation of Facebook for people with varying degrees of visual impairment and deaf-blindness. I worked in a small multi-disciplinary team in which I designed, developed and usability tested a HTML prototype that was turned into the final website. Users said it was the easiest way to use Facebook, by far!

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Multimedia management app for hospital staff

Screenshot of KIBI Media
In 2013, KIBI set out to merge their two apps for editing and handling documents, photos and video. The goal was to improve the usability and create a new and fresh graphic design. I worked together with a graphic designer and the KIBI development team. I performed user research, drew and usability tested wireframes and helped create the graphic design for the app titled KIBI Media. The app is still used today and has gotten great feedback. A chief physician was cited saying “KIBI Media is the best app out there and is incredibly easy to use”.

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Talks on design, tools and methodology

The audience during a talk about accessibility for Telenor in 2018

Sharing my knowledge and experience is very important to me and something I’ve been doing regularly for several years by giving talks on topics such as accessibility, prototyping, web development and methodology. Helping coworkers, team members and fellow designers become better at their craft is something I enjoy immensely. It also helps me develop my skills further.

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