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Alexander Skogberg

UX / UI Designer

UX / UI Designer based in Stockholm. I dig design systems, accessibility, and loud rock music.


Case studies of the work Iā€™m most proud of

Design system and digital solutions for major national healthcare company

Timeline: Since April 2017
Allocation: Part-Time
Role: UX / UI Designer

Illustration of the Feelgood Web Portal shown on an iPhone and on an iPad.

Since 2017, I’ve been helping Swedish national healthcare company Feelgood expand and improve their digital solutions by making sure they offer a great user experience and follow WCAG 2.2 (AA).

These solutions include a web portal for managers at their clients, registration for visitors at their clinics, a mobile app for employees at their clients, and a design system that holds everything together.

These digital solutions have:

  • Been essential for securing new client contracts
  • Made internal software development more efficient
  • Saved time and energy for internal staff on a daily basis
  • Helped managers at clients to handle more tasks themselves
  • Made it possible for client employees to manage private matters

Mobile first website for a classic and sleazy hard rock band

Timeline: December 2014 ā€“ June 2015
Allocation: Part-Time
Role: Project Lead / UX Designer / Frontend Developer

Promo photo of the rock band Backyard Babies

From 2014 to 2015, I had the privilege to work with one of my favorite hard rock bands, Backyard Babies for marketing their upcoming studio album and European tour after a five-year break.

During the break, the band’s online presence had deteriorated and they were in desperate need of a new website. I designed and developed this website together with the band members a graphic designer.

The new website helped:

  • Increase Google search visibility
  • Get the band’s digital presence in shape
  • Market the band’s new studio album and tour
  • Provide journalists and event organizers with content

Note: I haven’t done any new design work on the website since 2015.

Making Facebook accessible for people with deaf-blindness and visual impairment

Timeline: September 2013 ā€“ February 2014
Allocation: Full-Time
Role: UX Designer

Close up of two hands on a Braille keyboard

From 2013 to 2014, I helped the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority design and develop a website that significantly improved the accessibility of using Facebook for people with deaf-blindness and visual impairment.

This involved meeting users with these disabilities and creating and usability testing an HTML prototype of the final website.

Users told us the final website was the best and most accessible way to use Facebook by far! A lot of them could now do things they never could do before.

Widely used web app for hospital staff for managing documents and images

Timeline: March 2013 ā€“ August 2013
Allocation: Part-Time
Role: UX Designer

A doctor using a laptop

In 2013, I helped medtech company KIBI (acquired by Omda in 2019) design a successful web app for hospital staff used for handling and editing documents and images.

This involved benchmarking photo editing apps, spending a day with a hospital photographer, and creating and usability testing a low-fidelity prototype. I worked alongside another designer. 

Four years after its launch, the app KIBI Media was still used in county councils all over Sweden. It had been a great success according to KIBI.

Organizing and giving talks on popular design topics

Ongoing since 2012

The audience during a talk about accessibility for Telenor in 2018.

For more than twelve years I’ve been sharing my skills and experience with coworkers, clients, and the UX community in Sweden by arranging and giving talks on topics including website accessibility, advantages paper prototyping, mobile first web design, developer experience, and using tools like Figma.

Want more?

Summaries of more client work are available on my LinkedIn profile. I’d be happy to go into detail about them over a cup of coffee.

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