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Alexander Skogberg

UX / UI Designer

UX / UI Designer based in Stockholm. I dig design systems, accessibility, and loud rock music.

Hi, I'm Alexander!

I’m a UX / UI Designer especially experienced in accessibility and design systems. Contact me at

Alexander looking straight at you with a subtle smirk on his face. He's also doing the peace sign!

What I offer

With 13+ years of experience, I’m a great fit if you need someone skilled in accessibility, design systems, user interface design, usability testing, and copywriting. I’ve also done some AI work, build websites on my spare time, and give talks on popular design topics.

My experience and skills are listed in my CV. The work I’m most proud of is available in my portfolio.

Selected gigs

While working as a consultant I’ve gotten experience from clients in different business areas, like:

  • Artificial intelligence at Halmstad University
  • Telecommunications at Telia and Telenor
  • Occupational healthcare at Feelgood

  • Emergency services at SOS Alarm
  • Public service at SVT and PTS

  • Medtech at KIBI and Cambio

I also got to experience the music business when I worked with the sleazy hard rock band Backyard Babies.

Amazing facts

  1. I’m a die-hard music fan and have been to over 310 concerts

  2. I have a fake front tooth due to a gnarly childhood accident
  3. I’ve taken three degrees in classic Spanish guitar playing
  4. I have tattoos of two characters from the Peanuts comic
  5. I just finished my fourth international adventure trip

  6. I’ve high-fived Metallica lead singer James Hetfield

You’re welcome to email me about career opportunities, consulting gigs, advice, talks, or if you’re simply in need of a killer rock playlist.


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