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Alexander Skogberg

UX, Web & Writing

The audience during a talk about accessibility for Telenor in 2018

Talks on design, tools and methodology

Sharing my knowledge and experience is important to me and something I’ve been doing for a lot of years. Nothing beats talking about something I’m passionate about and help people expand and improve their skill set.

Since 2012, I’ve been giving talks on a regular basis on topics related to design, tools and and methodology. Helping other designers to become better at their craft is something I enjoy immensely. It also helps me stay up-to-date and learn more within my field.

Alexander in front of an audience giving a talk

Giving a talk about using the vector graphics app Sketch for STIMDI in the fall of 2018.

During the past few years I’ve given talks on accessibility, mobile first, prototyping, presenting design work and using Sketch and macOS. Companies and groups who have hired me include:

  • Telenor
  • Telia
  • Tele2
  • SEB
  • Ålandsbanken
  • Crosskey
  • Försäkringskassan
  • Stadium
  • inUse
  • HiQ
  • Sketch Meetup Stockholm

My talks are always met with great feedback, enthusiasm and laughter (every now and then I happen to be a bit funny).

Send me an email at if you want to hire me for a talk. You won’t regret it!

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