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Multimedia management app for hospital staff

KIBI Media screenshot

A screenshot of KIBI Media. This is the least gory photo I dared to put here :)


KIBI is a Swedish software developer focusing on solutions for medical documentation and diagnostics for health care providers. Their e-health solutions are used in over 100 hospitals and care centers in northern Europe.


In 2013, KIBI wanted to merge their two apps for handling and editing documents and photos. Apart from achieving high usability, new graphic design was also needed for the app titled KIBI Media.

Design process

I worked together with Rickard Linder, my good friend and Art Director. For the final phase of the project, the two of us worked together with the KIBI development team.

Analysing photo editing apps

Rickard and I began by analysing several photo editing apps before starting grinding out ideas for features, layout, graphic design and so on.

Doing user research

For user research, Rickard and I visited a hospital in northern Sweden where we spent a full day with their full-time photographer, a soon-to-be user of KIBI Media.

We observed how the hospital photographer carried out his work and learnt what he wanted and needed in the app we were designing.

Drawing and usability testing wireframes

Based on analysis of photo editing apps and this research, I drew wireframes containong all major and minor features of the app. These wireframes were then usability tested with five people with different experiences in photo editing.

KIBI Media wireframe

One of many paper wireframes used for usability testing.

Graphic design and working with developers

Once the usability testing was done and the wireframes were improved based on the feedback, Rickard and I created the app’s graphic design.

We then handed over the wireframes and graphic design to the KIBI development team, with whom we continuously met and worked with during the development phase.


KIBI Media was a total success and is still used today by hospital staff in many Swedish county councils.

According to KIBI, a chief physician was cited saying “KIBI Media is the best app out there and is incredibly easy to use”.


All decisions related to technology was done by the KIBI development team.

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