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Here’s some of the work I’m most proud of (and allowed to talk about publicly).

1. Responsive website for rock band Backyard Babies

In 2015, legendary Swedish rock band Backyard Babies made their comeback after a five year hiatus. During this time, their online presence had deteriorated. So, for marketing their upcoming album and tour more effectively they needed a new website.

Backyard Babies website

I was responsible for its design, development and content strategy. The new website went online in the Spring of 2015.

Backyard Babies were overjoyed with the website: we got great feedback from fans and it increased the band’s visibility in Google searches.

Design process

First, I wrote the content for the website with input from the band and their management, as well as some journalists and fans I included in the process.

Second, I drew and usability tested wireframes of the website that the band then approved.

Third, an art director and I created the graphic design for website with specific input from the band.

Fourth, I developed and cross browser tested the website before publishing it. I also maintained it for some time.


2. Accessible version of Facebook for people with visual impairment

By late 2013, PTS had learned that neither Facebook’s website nor app were accessible enough for people with visual impairment and deaf-blindness.

PTS wanted to offer people with these impairments a more accessible version of Facebook for connecting with their loved ones.

This led to Fejjan för alla, a website that users gave permission to connect to and retrieve content from their Facebook accounts. The users then used Fejjan för alla for everyday Facebook activities.

Fejjan för alla got fantastic user feedback. Users we talked to said it was the easiest way to use Facebook, by far.

Design process

I was a member of a small multidisciplinary team in which I designed, developed and usability tested an HTML prototype that was later turned into the final website.

First, we met with deaf-blind users for learning and understanding their challenges when using Facebook and browsing the web in general

Second, I developed the prototype based on best practises for website accessibility.

Third, the prototype was usability tested and improved over several cycles until all users were satisfied.

Fourth, the website was developed with reused code from the prototype.


Sadly, Fejjan för alla was shut down on December 29 2015 due to new API restrictions :(

3. Multimedia management app for hospital staff

In 2013, KIBI wanted to merge two of their apps for handling and editing documents and photos. Apart from a redesign focusing on high usability, new graphic design was also needed for the app titled KIBI Media.

KIBI Media screenshot

I worked in a two-man team with a colleague art director. Later we worked together with the KIBI development team.

KIBI Media was a total success and is still used today by hospital staff in many Swedish county councils. A chief physician was cited saying “KIBI Media is the best app out there and is incredibly easy to use”.

Design process

First, my colleague and I analysed several photo editing apps and started grinding out ideas for layout, features and so on.

Second, for some user research we visited a hospital in northern Sweden where we spent a day with their full-time photographer. A soon-to-be user of KIBI Media.

Third, I drew and usability tested wireframes of the app with five people experienced in photo editing.

Fourth, the wireframes and the app’s graphic design were handed over to KIBI’s development team, which we continuously met and worked with during the development phase.


More info about KIBI Media.

4. Lectures on Mobile First, accessibility and macOS

Sharing my knowledge and experience through giving lectures is something I enjoy immensely and have done regularly since 2012.

Lunchföreläsning på Stockholmskontoret: Tillgänglighet – med @alexanderskogberg

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Nothing beats talking about something you’re passionate about and see people’s faces in the audience light up when they learn something new, useful or mind-blowing.

I’m currently giving talks about Mobile First, accessibility and how to work more efficiently using macOS.

Clients I’ve given lectures for include:

My lectures have always been met with awesome feedback, enthusiasm and lots of laughs.

I will continue to give lectures for as long as I can. I believe it’s the best way to stay sharp and up-to-date within my field.

Info about my lecture on Mobile First (in Swedish).

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