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UX / UI Designer based in Stockholm. I dig design systems, accessibility, and loud rock music.

Dregen releases video for single Just Like That

I’ve been a huge fan of swedish rock star Dregen (@DregenOfficial) ever since I heard the classic Backyard Babies track Brand New Hate twelve years ago.

By pure coincidence when I started working at HiQ (@hiqinternat) in 2011 Dregen had already done company related events with us for about half a year. This collaboration reached new heights when the former guitarist of The Hellacopters shot the video for his first single, Just Like That, of his self titled solo album at our office one sunny Monday in August.

Here’s the video!
Here’s a behind the scenes look.

I “happened” to be at our office the same day and got the new Michael Monroe (@michaelmonroe) album Horns and Halos signed by Dregen and his band colleague Karl Rockfist, who both have been touring with the Hanoi Rocks front man for a couple of years. The album was released in Sweden on the same day as the video shoot. Incredible timing!

Dregen, I and Karl at The HiQ office.
Dregen, me holding my signed Michael Monroe’s new album and Karl Rockfist during a break during the video shoot at the HiQ office.

Dregen’s solo album can be listened to below.

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