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Alexander Skogberg

UX / UI Designer

UX / UI Designer based in Stockholm. I dig design systems, accessibility, and loud rock music.

The audience during a talk about accessibility for Telenor in 2018

Organizing and giving talks on popular design topics

Ongoing since 2012

For more than twelve years I’ve been sharing my skills and experience with coworkers, clients, and the UX community in Sweden by organizing and giving talks on various design topics.

My talks have covered topics like website accessibility, advantages of paper prototyping, mobile first web design, contributing to a great developer experience, writing a portfolio, and getting the most out of tools like Sketch and Figma.

While I seriously enjoy helping other designers improve their craft, giving talks also pushes me to expand and improve my skill set to stay ahead in the ever-changing design landscape. Sorry if this sounds pretentious, but even ChatGPT couldn’t help me phrase it any differently.

A room full of people with me in the background standing in front of a big TV screen with the Figma logotype on it.
Giving a talk about using and collaborating in Figma for Nord DDB in 2023.
A row of people sitting down. I'm standing before them with my laptop next to a TV showing the Sketch logo.
Giving a talk on using Sketch for STIMDI in 2018. I held the same talk for Sketch Meetup Stockholm.

Where I’ve given talks

For the past twelve years I’ve given talks for companies, institutions, and meetup groups like:

Always great feedback

My talks have always been met with great feedback and interesting follow-up questions. Contact me at if you’re interested in one of my talks.

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