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Alexander Skogberg

UX / UI Designer

UX / UI Designer based in Stockholm. I dig design systems, accessibility, and loud rock music.

10 tips for staying motivated

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated with your studies or your job. You’ve lost your spark and you don’t know how to get it back.

This has happened to me once or twice. I don’t mean short periods of time like an anxious weekend before an exam or a stress filled week before a release. I’m talking months on end of frustration that kill your motivation and pollute your social life.

Luckily, I’ve always managed to pull through and learned a lot about myself in the process. So here’s 10 tips for getting and keeping yourself motivated and happy.

1. Exercise

I run or go to the gym four to five times per week. It clears my head and keeps me energized, fit and pleased with myself. Getting a rush of endorphins feels like having superpowers.

2. Use Trello

Trello is without a doubt my favorite service all categories! I use it for every project I’m involved in, even if I’m working alone. Externalizing discussions, decisions, ideas and thoughts has saved me so much energy I’d normally waste keeping it all in my head.

Trello is without a doubt my favorite service all categories!

3. Do projects on your spare time

Working more when you don’t feel like working at all might sound like fighting fire with fire, but it worked for me! When I created a portfolio website for a friend it got my creative juices flowing again. It reminded me that what I do is fun.

4. Help others

Always offer your skill set to colleagues who are struggling with something within your area of expertise. Every week I spend atleast half an hour helping co-workers with interface design or responsive web design. It’s a win-win situation!

5. Listen to awesome rock music

I always listen to awesome rock music to stay alert. You can start with my Spotify playlist “KISS for Dummies”.

6. Talk about it

You’re not the only one who has gone through a though time. Ask a friend or colleague. I got great advice and shared some great laughs swapping “war stories” with fellow consultants.

7. Sleep

Staying up late playing The Last Of Us sure is fun, but getting at least eight hours of sleep every day for a week can do wonders.

8. Hang out with friends and loved ones

Eating, sleeping and working are all good things, but not when it’s all you do. Schedule some time with your friends and cook dinner, see some stand up comedy, do some shopping or just take a walk.

9. Spend time on your own

Just as important it is to spend time with loved ones, quality time on your own is healthy.

So every now and then launch Netflix and watch some episodes of the fantastic show Breaking Bad that is wrapping up this fall.

Breaking Bad poster.

10. Plan a trip

Who doesn’t like traveling and experiencing new surroundings? And remember, planning a trip can be just as exciting as taking a trip. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend in Gothenburg or a two month long adventure in the United States.

What’s you advice for staying motivated? Let me know in the comments section below.


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