Hello, I’m Alexander Skogberg!

I’m a passionate user experience designer who loves mobile first and responsive web design and strives to make everything I do simple and fun.

I’m currently putting my skills to test at HiQ in Stockholm where I’ve been working since 2011. Prior to that I studied computer science and engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg from where I graduated with a master’s degree in Interaction Design in 2010.

I also work as a tech columnist and freelance journalist for the newspaper Nya Åland since 2007.

Music is my hobby and spare time interest. You’ll always find me in the pit if there’s a great rock band playing Stockholm. I also play guitar in a band with some of my colleagues.

Feel free to contact me for job opportunities, advice regarding UX and web or simply for a lunch.

For more details about my skills and experience check out my CV.