Advice when being interviewed for a job in IT

Applying for a new job is a nerve-wrecking and exciting experience for most people, especially if it’s your first job. Here’s my advice from an interviewer’s standpoint.

At my previous employer, I held my fair share of follow up interviews during my close to five years at the company. At this stage, the interviewee had already had one successful interview with his or hers, perhaps, soon to be boss.

The follow up interview focused more on getting to know the interviewee and usually asking some tech or design questions. If they passed this interview, they went on to negotiate a contract.

I think I held around eleven or twelve of these follow up interviews. Here are my advice to you job seekers out there.

1. Be on time
Yes, this is a no-brainer. For an interview you must be on time. Otherwise, you’ll give a terrible first impression.

If you happen to get stuck in traffic and think you might be late, let the interviewer know. No decent company would hold this against you.

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New beginnings at inUse

I’ve started a new job!

After spending four and a half years at HiQ in Stockholm, I quit this September.

It was a tough decision. I’ve learned a lot, worked on cool projects and met so many lovely people at this company.

After taking some much needed time off and doing some traveling along the US west and east coast (check out my Swedish travel blog), I started my new job as a UX Designer at inUse this week.

Here I’ll continue working with Mobile First, Responsive Web Design, accessibility and usability stuff in general.



Blocking WordPress comment spam

For the last couple of weeks I’ve had some issues with getting lots of spam comments to my post.

Even though I replaced the (crappy) default WordPress comment system and instead use DISQUS (how is this not the default comment system for WordPress yet?), it still gets injected.

I managed to solve this by adding this piece of code to my functions.php that completely disables the default comment system.

function block_wp_comments() {
    wp_die( __('Sorry, comments are closed for this item.') );
add_action('pre_comment_on_post', 'block_wp_comments');

Did it work for you too? Let me know in the comments section below.


Best tweets from An Event Apart Orlando 2014

An Event Apart has taken place again. This time in Orlando. The conference started on the 27th October and is wrapping up on the 29th.

I’ve followed the #aeaorl hashtag. There were so incredible many good tweets I had to divide them up into different categories. Here they are so far!

 Responsive images

Mobile First

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