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Talks on accessibility, mobile first and macOS

Sharing my knowledge and experience is important to me and something I’ve been doing for a long time. Nothing beats talking about something you’re passionate about and see people’s faces in the audience light up when they learn something new and useful.

Since 2012, I’ve been giving talks  on a regular basis on topics related to usability and web development. To help other designers become better at their craft is something I enjoy immensely. It also makes it easier for me to stay up-to-date within my field.

Lunchföreläsning på Stockholmskontoret: Tillgänglighet – med @alexanderskogberg

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During the past few years I’ve given talks on accessibility, mobile first and using macOS for companies including:

My talks have always been met with great feedback, enthusiasm, smiles and laughter.

Send me an email at if you want to book me for a talk.

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