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New website for Danger Avenue live

The circle is complete! I finally made a new website for the rock band Danger Avenue. It only took five years…

Danger Avenue Website

In the fall of 2010, I had recently graduated college and was looking for work. I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t hurt my chances if I’d get better at web design.

Luckily, my friends in Danger Avenue were in need of a new website that they could manage on their own. I dove in head first and after a few weeks my first proper website went live, cool.


With this year’s upcoming release of the band’s sophomore album, Danger Avenue needed to step up their online marketing.

The previous website was in great need of improvement. Browsing it on mobile devices was terrible. Partly due to its non-responsive design, but mostly due to it’s poor performance.

Its content was also out of shape with broken links, a bloated biography, a broken media player and no photos of the band’s current lineup.

Design process and goals

First, we rewrote the content. The goal was to satisfy old fans, new fans, journalists, club owners and labels. We decided on the following:

Meeting with Danger Avenue

Discussing the website with the band before their gig in Stockholm on March 11.

Second, the website was to be designed with a Mobile First approach. It needed to be fast to load and effortless to browse on a mobile device.

Third, we decided to base the graphic profile on the logo and the artwork for the band’s new single, Trees. A visual revamp will be done once the band has decided on artwork for their new album and taken promo photos of the current lineup.

Tech overview


WordPress plugins:

Javascript libraries:

Custom WordPress theme
The website runs a heavily modified child theme of the official WordPress theme Twenty Twelve.


Visit the new version of and enjoy their new single, Trees.

If you find any bugs or have ideas for improvements, let me know in the comment section below.


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